суббота, 5 августа 2017 г.


Brewster is a puppy of a French bulldog and we can adopt him.

Cost  - 295 $
Shipping - 10 $

A puppy of 35 cm, sitting about 28 cm, is made of German artificial fur. 
Pads of paws, ears and mouth from imitation suede.
It has a skeleton inside from the head to the tail, which makes it possible to make it alive, the slopes and half-turns of the head, the bends of the body, the paws fastening on the cotter pin.
All paws are reinforced, they can bend in elbows and joints.
Combined packing: natural sheep wool, mineral granulate, holofayber, glass granulate. Glass brown eyes frame the eyelids. Tinted with artistic colors.
His mouth opens and closes.


Brewster can be a gift for any girl or boy and even for your grandmother. He will be happy to get into the family, where he will be loved the same way as I do.

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