воскресенье, 26 марта 2017 г.


Hello everyone, this cute spring rabbit was born in March, her name is Chloe, she can give you a lot of warmth, tenderness and love, as well as a bouquet of Proleski.

воскресенье, 19 марта 2017 г.


Hello everyone and accept my heartfelt congratulations on the bright Easter holiday. Clover - March rabbit, who came to congratulate you on Easter, meet him!
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суббота, 11 марта 2017 г.


Hello, the bunny Patrick brought you snowdrops and says that spring has already come) He is waiting for adoption and wants to get into loving hands and a new, friendly home.

суббота, 4 марта 2017 г.


Этот михась уже улетел к Заказчику, он сказал, что назовет его ВоВо )