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  Mihasik Born in Ukraine and could give the love you and your loved ones, your loved one. I wanted to create a teddy based on the classic prewar German bears, but then I wanted him to "revive" and do bear a child proportions, so became the father of a child Mihasik, and I hope you enjoy it.

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- Mihasik created from the German Maher, heels and palms lamas of adaptive reasoning suede
- Ramer standing 25 cm
- Mounting screws, this allows good bear standing on its feet, especially as packing, it can stand steadily on his feet.
- Head on a double screw fastening
- All reinforced by limb, you can bend the legs at the elbows and joints
- A new fastening claws allow them to be strong, you can bend the legs, not being afraid to break them
- Combined packing, natural sawdust, natural sheep wool and mineral granules, hollofayber - Glass eyes, framed by eyelids, the nose is made of polymer clay
- Toning art paints
- Embroidery cotton shirt with Ukrainian ornament, removed I do not use Photoshop or other photo processing tools, I simply add his creative mark on the photo, you can see a photo of a bear, as it is, the color depends on the resolution of your monitor.

Хто ти, хлопчику маленький?
- Українець молоденький.
Хто ти, дівчинко маленька?
- Українка молоденька.
У якій живеш країні?
- В незалежній Україні.
 Який герб в твоїй державі?
 - Тризуб золотий у славі.
Що для тебе Україна?
 - Моя рідна Батьківщина.
Як здобута її воля?
- В боях лютих серед поля.
 Хто боровся за Вкраїну?
 - Весь народ в важку годину.
 Чи ти любиш Україну?
 - Люблю її до загину.
У що віриш, дитя миле?
 - В Бога й велич України.

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