четверг, 15 декабря 2016 г.

Коала Джей

Малыш коала Джей нашел новый дом.
Принимаю заказы.

Hi, I want to introduce you to Jay. This cute baby koalas waiting for adoption. If you love it as much as I do, it can be yours! 

Jay can open and close your eyes, be sleepy, open and close your mouth, stick out tongue, moving your arms and legs, bend the fingers clutching at all kinds of things, he can change the shape of the ears.

Press lightly on the upper eyelid to close it, just gently open not pull the eyelashes! Gently open your mouth, using tweezers to pull any language, give the correct expression, do not attempt to completely remove the language, like tweezers carefully place the tongue back into the mouth to close. You can also bend and unbend fingers and put different things into the hands of Jay and attach it to any branch, so he held on to her.

Its size is 12 cm sitting, created from the German and plush artificial suede, glass eyes are framed by eyelids and eyelashes, nose, artificial leather, combined packing: hollofayber, metal granules, mineral granules, all the limbs, fingers and ears and reinforced language. All mounting cotter pins, head rolling on the double. 

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