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Привет, я хочу представить вам мою новую мишку, ее зовут Роксолана. Это мой первый медведь в новом году, я постаралась вложить в нее все свое мастерство, душевное тепло и любовь, и надеюсь, что она вам понравится. Роксолана станет украшение для любой коллекции, если вам нравится авторские коллекционные медведи-тедди. Это будет прекрасный подарок для человека, дорогого вашему сердцу. Из Украины с любовью) Роксолана доступна для принятия на Ebay 


Size 48 cm, 38 cm sitting, is made of two-color artificial fur production UK. paws of artificial suede, the whole body from head to tail is the skeleton (Lockline), which allows him to be alive, he can bend and move like a real bear, and do a half-twist and tilt head. Mounts paws on cotter pins, all legs are reinforced, can be bent at the elbows, wrists and joints.

Сombined stuffing "effect of living" stuffing sawdust, hollofayber, mineral granules,  metal beads elastic belly full of rubber granulate. Glass eyes are framed by faux suede, nose out of polymer clay.

Her eyes are closed, so Roxolana can be romantic, dreamy, soulful. Its jaws may also be slightly opened or fully closed.

Jewellery and Accessories Roksolany Ukrainian national removable and can be worn on the person. Wreath flexible, can take the shape of any head made of decorative flowers. Ukrainian beads may be your personal decoration for any occasion. Necklaces made of beads, decorative beads of various sizes, metal parts, wood beads natural, comfortable back strap.

You can see how suitable a bead and chaplet of my daughter Alice, she was thrilled when they wore!

Without accessories Roxolana turns into a live bear, you can sit it in any position, its flexible neck, the skeleton body and movable joints allow prinmat any position.

Roxolana is decoration for any collection if you like copyright collectible teddy bears. It will be a perfect gift for the person dear to your heart. From Ukraine with love )

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