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Привет, я хочу вас познакомить с Ричардом. Это очень милый и уютный медведь с добрым сердцем.  Он может стать хорошим подарком для вас или для вашего близкого человека на Новый год. Ричард может рычать, а его улыбка согреет даже в сильные морозы.

Hi, I want to introduce you to Richard. This is a very cute and charming bear with a good heart. It can be a good gift for you or for your loved one in the New Year. Richard knows how to growl, and his smile will warm even in severe cold.

Size 48 cm, 38 cm sitting, is made of two-color artificial fur production UK. paws of artificial suede, the whole body from head to tail is the skeleton (Lockline), which allows him to be alive, he can bend and move like a real bear, and do a half-twist and tilt head. Mounts paws on cotter pins, all legs are reinforced, can be bent at the elbows, wrists and joints.

Сombined stuffing "effect of living" stuffing sawdust hollofayber, mineral granules,  metal beads elastic belly full of rubber granulate. Glass eyes are framed by faux suede, nose out of polymer clay.

Butterfly on his neck has a zipper and removed. Bear may growl if he flipped.

Inside the bear has a secret that makes him alive, you would never know it, but you will feel it when take it in hand.

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